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Tag: coding

Test Driven Development (TDD) – A practical example

Recently the development teams here have been improving their coding skills by taking on the challenge of Clean code, a practice by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) who has a number of very informative clean code books and clean code videos practised by many developers and to improve the quality of their code, so they […]

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Learning about GUID’s

I have a have been puzzling over a problem where I need to create one-time keys to access a system. My question is, is this secure to use a Globally unique identifier or GUID for this key. The consensus is generally yes. While section 6 “Security Considerations” of the RFC 4122 standard states Do not […]

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Dodgy coding practices.

I came across this article today Dodgy Coder – Coding tricks of game developers. Some of the things mentioned are genius like number 6. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry – Nick Waanders The solution took maybe an hour. A fellow programmer took four pictures of my face — one really happy, one normal, one a […]

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