#WAAC Painting competition entry O’Vesa

As you will have seen, last week I speed painted an O’Vesa Riptide model for the game that week where I was running The Eight against an Imperial Guard opponent. This week I gave the O’Vesa the time and attention the old Honoured Shas’vre deserves.

This also timed in well with the #WAAC Painting competition, that has submissions closing tomorrow August 22nd.

Tau Riptide Commander O’vesa

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Tau Tigershark Stripping with Biostrip

I tested the biostrip last night and found it to be quite good because it was a gel rather than a foaming spray and as it is non’corrosive, so I could safely leave the parts covered in it overnight without too much worry. As you can see below, it has been mostly successful, but it did require a lot of effort to scrub the paint away.

The only negative points I found was that on few of the more flimsy pieces, the resin softened, such as the rail guns and burst cannons, which was a little worrying. Also some of the components were attached using superglue, and they became detached meaning it was having a reaction with the glue. This I believe was the reason for the sticky residue that was left behind on the model when I started drying it.

Tau Tigershark Stripping pt2

All in all, it performed better than the fairy powerspray which despite twice the length of time exposed to it, only acieved a fraction of the progress in paint removal. I would like to test this on a finecast, plastic, and metal modal to see how it compares.

#WIPWednesday Stripping Tau Tigershark

This week I am working on stripping down a Tau Tigershark bomber that I managed to get cheaply off of ebay. As is often the case, the model was painted and required a little repair work. Unfortunately I would usually use Fairy Power Spray to strip the paint from models, but as you can see after 2 applications and furious scrubbing I have not been able to shift most of the paint.

Stripping Tau Tigershark #WIP

After posing the question to the helpful #warmongers community, I was advised to look into Biostrip which I will be testing tonight.