So 4 months on, since trying to manage my painting schedule

On December 4th I posted this post [Mount up and move out. The enemy is that way… Productivity and the paint station] covering the use of Kanban. In particular the use of a free piece of software called ‘Kanban flow’ to help manage my hobby progress, because, you know, I would like to get my army completely painted.

Since then I have painted

So in 4 months I have painted 45 models (1588 pts without any upgrades), 3 of which were vehicles. Granted many of these, like the drones and the Renegade Guardsmen, were painted in batches so I could get through them quickly.

The process of Kanban has helped to visualise what I needed to do and what I had achieved. Though there were a few weeks where I lost motivation, it helped to be able to see the end of the tunnel.

Commander Farsight finished

Tonight I finished Commander Farsight and I am quite pleased with the results. Though I can see areas that with time as I learn new skills could be done better. I went over the sword again to tidy it up a bit more and then applied some weathering so that he fits into the rest of my ‘Dirty’ Tau.

Tau Commander Farsight

For your enjoyment, I also animated the shots so that you can see him all the way round.

Tau Commander Farsight animated

#miniaturemonday Continued progress on Commander Farsight

In the last week I have been working on my Tau Commander Farsight. As a certerpiece model, I really wanted to get it to a high standard, and as a result I tried out a few different techniques. Such as Pattern Tinting which I attempted by following a video by Chug from the wargamers consortium and more recently I came across this tweet by @cactusstudios1 that tempted me to re-do the sword.

Here’s my first attempt, I’m still not happy with it, but I didn’t expect to be as good as this guy on the first try.

Tau Commander Farsight sword WIP

Following this diversion, I will probably go back and tidy this up a bit, but I really only have the weathering to complete so I can put this guy to the side and start on the next thing. I really need to have something for my army’s heavy support section, I’m thinking some hammerheads might do the trick.

#WIPWednesday Tau Commander Farsight

There has been little progress since my last update on Monday. I have completed the base, and I have painted the Dawn blade with the base colours, it still needs edge highlighting and glitter points.

Also I have started work on the golden sections of the blade and armour. Fortunately with these parts done it is still looking promising for completion by next Monday.

Tau Commander Farsight WIP

#miniaturemonday Tau Commander Farsight WIP

This week I am continuing work on my Commander Farsight. I have nearly completed the base and have begin the process of pattern tinting the model itself. The technique I am using is very similar to the one used in the video by Chung from The Wargamers Consortium How to Paint a Tau XV-8 Crisis Suit Using Pattern Tinting.

Except in my case I used metallics. Vallejo black metal base, then Vallejo Steel, and finally Citadel Bloodletter Glaze. This left a matt effect which I then applied a varnish to protect it. There is still quite a bit of work to be done, hopefully this guy will be closer to being finished by next Monday.

Tau Commander Farsight WIP

#wg5challenge finished

Last night the Eldar Avarar of Khaine that I had painted sold for £13.50, making a profit of £9.10. I am quite pleased with this, as the profit alone is more than double what I paid for the item. All I have to do now is to wait on payment and it will be winging its way to its new owner.

#wg5challenge Eldar Avatar of Khaine Sold

Northern Ireland Hospice LogoAlso in addition, as I am not being stingy over a few pence I will rounding the profit up to £10 to donate to The Northern Ireland Hospice.