Kickstarter Monday 21/07

This week both the 4thWar wargming table and the Antidote card game kickstarter have successfully funded with impressive totals of $35,613 for 4thWar 273% of their goal and $45,157 for Antidote 361%, fantastic!

The other 2 campaigns I mentioned last week are doing well, knocking off stretch goals as they go.

Virus the Card Game

13 daysFunded!


16 days$8,447 of $20,000 goal

This week a couple of new Kickstarters have come to my attention:

One think about wargaming, is that models may go out of date but you can never go wrong with terrain, in the far future there will always be battle gamaged building and ruins, which made me particuallrly interested in this Kickstarter by Highlen Terrain Studio. This Kickstarter covers Urban and Xenos terrain the first of which I am very interested in for my own gaming table.

Pledges for items start at $40 for one small 2 story building plus $20 shipping for non-US backers like myself, is not bad for the quality of the terrain you get, but what excites me about this kickstarter, is the multitude of stretch goals that have been unlocked, 5 of the 6 currently being posted. In particular I could realistically see the “Hope Hospital” or the “Large Destroyed Building” making an appearance on my table.

A cheaper alternative to model storage, offering more for less!
Mantis Creations Model Storage Cases Kickstarter

That’s no joke. The entry level for 1 case is £22 which is £3 cheaper than the KR equivilent. The money saving really comes into view when you look at the larger pledge levels. Also This Kickstarter is located in the UK so there is Free shipping to UK residents. Non-UK residents would have to add a variable amount depending on how many cases you wanted, which reduces the savings, but is still a good deal.

This is a kickstarter to fund this character driven dark skirmish game. The game is set in an alternative Victorian era, where technology has advanced a lot faster than it had in our timeline.

The game is filled with dark versions of famous literary characters like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, along with steampunk twisted real life characters, such as Nicola Tesla and his female dimension hopping counterpart. If that sentence did not get you wanting to see more about this I don’t know what will, maybe this…

Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke, has stormed past its original goal and unlocked almost all of it’s stretch goals.

To get “in” on this kisckstarter, you can spend £1 for a copy of the Living rulebook, or if you want some miniatures, of-course you do, £3 unlocks the ability to purchase any miniature released during the kickstarter. In reality £15, would be your minimum spend in this, to get access to the Nicola Tesla Kickstarter exclusive miniature, he looks amazing.

Though if you want to get the best deal, the Masacare Level at £130 is fantastic.

Infamy - Massacre Pledge Level £130

Also, did I mention, this Kickstarter is situated in the UK, so unlike the other’s I have shown you this week, this one is FREE SHIPPING to customers in the UK, add £5 to ship outside the UK.


4thWar Equipment – Wargaming table Kickstarter Complete

kickstarter funded badgeYesterday 4thWar’s Wargaming table Kickstarter came to a close with an impressive total of $35,613 of their $13,000 goal. It is great to see this project reach completion, the staff at 4thWar have learned from their mistakes during their first Kickstarter venture and succeeded.

Congratulations to all the staff at 4thWar, roll on December so I can try these tables out :-). For 4thWar at least, today the cake is not a lie.

4thWar Kickstarter Cake

4thWar Equipment – Wargaming tables returns – 32 hours to go

The 4thWar Gaming table kickstarter is coming to an end in the next 32 hours and it has been an amazing run so far. They have unlocked the next stretch goal, rubber curves, see below.

4thwar - $32,000 stretch goal - Rubber Curves
  • stretch goal smashed£99,000 – available USA shipping.
  • £60,000 – HIDDEN STRETCH – LOCKED.
  • £50,000 – BUY 3 & PAY 2 SHIPPING – LOCKED.
  • £40,000 – SHIELD IT! – LOCKED.
  • stretch goal smashed£32,000 – Curves.
  • stretch goal smashed£29,000 – MATS WAVE TWO.
  • stretch goal smashed£28,000 – HIDDEN STRETCH – MINIATURE RELEASE.
  • stretch goal smashed£27,000 – MATTE BLACK TABLE FEATURE.
  • stretch goal smashed£20,000 – MATS WAVE ONE
  • stretch goal smashed£18,000 – RUBBER ROADS!!
  • stretch goal smashed£15,000 – FREE PINS FOR EVERYONE! Freebee

The next goal is at $40,000, this will unlock the SHIELD IT! feature. This should be possible especially since USA and Canada Shipping has been properly unlocked, see Update 27.

USA and Canada Shipping

So get one of these tables or mats while you can.


#miniaturemonday 14/07 Objectives 2, 4, and 5

Following the last few weeks, I have been getting more and more practice with the new 7th edition Warhammer 40,000 rules, especially the Malstom of War missions. In the Malstom of War missions, there is a strong emphasis on capturing objectives, and the default objectives that are usually used are surprisingly enough, dice.

While a die might do in a pinch, easily offering something to both indicate a place on the battlefield and a count from 1 to 6,but it does not really fulfil my narritive desire in a game. So I decided to build some objectives, that looked like something you would actually want to capture. See below my first 3 completed objectives.

Objectives 2, 4, and 5 are complete, the remaining objectives are on my hobby table and I imagine will be ready very soon, hopefully before my next game.

Objective Markers 2,4, & 5

Kickstarter Monday

Recently I have been backing a number of Kickstarter projects, such as Games & Gears Ichiban Studios Pro Line Brush which I received the first part of last week and am very happy with.

Below you will find a number of gaming projects ending soon that I am backing, that you kind readers may be interested in.

The fantastic, Rugged Cardboard Wargaming table Kickstarter by 4thWar Equipment is well worth a look, if you are like me and wanted a gaming table for your tabletop miniatures game.

I Personally play Warhammer 40k as readers of this blog will already know, and the flexibility of these tables makes them perfect for 40k as well as a number of different gaming systems.

At time of writing, this project was at $31,589 of a $13,000 goal, so it has successfully funded. They have also reached 7 of their 11 stretch goals and are only $411 away from the next stretch goal.

In addition they have an excellent gaming deal, the Spec Ops pack for $129. For that you get 3 tables and a limited edition “one of the 150″ bag. Each table is 48″x24″ designed to fit the Games Workshop Realm of Battle tiles, meaning this deal will build a single 72″x48″ once the tables are connected using the magnets on each of the edges.

A toxin is running through your veins. Can you deduce the Antidote before it’s too late? A deadly-fun card game for 2-6 players.

Antidote is a very interesting game produced by Dennis Hoyle from Bellwether Games, that is both a cooperative and competitive puzzle solving and manipulation game. With an intro like that, why wouldn’t you want to pledge.

The basic pledge of $16 or $26 for international backers, like myself gets you one copy of the game, plus any stretch goals. The first 3 stretch goals have already been unlocked, there are still 9 left, 4 of which are hidden objectives.

A great idea about this game is that to give everyone a chance to try before they buy, they have made the full rules available for free download and print. Check out the How to play section.

Virus the Card Game

20 daysFunded!
Virus created by Around The Clock Games is a fun and compelling deck building game, where you assume the role of a mad scientist who is intent on creating a lethal pathogen.

Around The Clock Games have taken a differnt approach to stretch goals from other kickstarters that I have taken part in. In order to make this game as popular as possible and to get the news about the game out to as many people as possible they have gone for the novel approach of rewarding people for liking and sharing their facebook account (Around The Clock Games) and following them on twitter (@Bloodmoondice).

They have already passed their first 3 stretch goals, and are looking to generate 85 Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows to unlock the next goal. Like most kickstarters they also have monetary stretch goals, such as upgrading the card stock and finish if they sell over 200 units. This is well worth a look and for $17 or $27 for international backers it is on par with all the other card game kickstarters. Check them out.


23 days$8,447 of $20,000 goal
Finally, there is a game that I would really like to see funded. Braiiiins! is a twist on the typical zombie apocalypse story. In this story the players play the zombies, rather than the humans, and your goal is to raise a hoard of zombies and plough the feeding grounds for, you guessed it, Braiiiins!

Like the other kickstarters I have mentioned here, the starting level is $18 or $27 for international pledges, and like the others this level gives access to all stretch goals, plus the graveyard expansion pack. There are also a number of cool add-ons for this campaign, patches, t-shirts, and extra copies of the game.

Unlike the other kickstarters I have mentioned here, this one has not yet funded, but with the quality of the game and the fact it still has 23 days left to go, it would surprise me if this did not go well above it’s goal of $20,000. So go grab yourself some Braiiiins…