The Edge Kickstarter – less than 12 hours to go

With only a few hours to go The Edge Kickstarter has greatly exceeded their project goals, currently sitting at £50,728 of their £10,000 goal, and completed all of their stretch goals, to such an extent they have said there will be no more before the end of the kickstarter.

So what is The Edge, it is skirmish miniature wargame set in post-apocalyptic, steampunk universe, filled with amazingly detailed miniatures, check out the video below.

One of the last unlocks was the Faceless. Neither human nor machine, a creature that started feasting on the battlefield absorbing both flesh and mechanical parts, constantly evolving. Faceless creatures, without soul, emotion or mind – wandering through land and consuming everything in their way. They began to spread without any control and even if at first ignored by both Demons and Chapter, at one point they became a force that changed the whole face of the conflict. Faceless were one of the reasons the Demon invasion under the walls of Eld-Hain was broken, right before the first human refuge that was about to fall.

The Edge - Faceless Starter SetThe Edge - New Faceless Models

Check them out, and add your pledge before the The Edge campaign ends later today.

News/Rumours – All hail Mars, the Skitarii are here!

This week the Skitarii were released by Games Workshop and they look great. Check out the promotional videos below.

Skitarii: Vanguard/Rangers

Skitarii: Sydonian Dragoon/Ironstrider Ballistarii

But that is not all, with the rules release in this week’s White Dwarf, the Adeptus Mechanicus are still without a HQ unit, but the observant among us will have seen possible hints of what they or other units will look like in the videos above.

Skitarii HQ Rumours

More than that though are the rumours floating around

Via Chronos Darkhelmet on Bolter & Chainsword 03-30-2014

April 11 preorders:
Codex: Skitarii (all languages, 80 pages, 26 €, £20);
Datacards Skitarii (all languages, since Italian ones are in);
Sicarians/Rough Strikers (dual kit, 5 minis, total of 4 different builds for them – maybe just weapons go change).

and further rumours indicating that this will be a three week release, and that Skitarii codex, is more akin to the Tempestus Scions release, so there will be a full Adeptus Mechanics release in the future.

via Mauler in the Comment Section of Faeit 212
My local GW manager said that the Skitarii release will sit roughly between Tempestus & full codex in size. They’ve got a three week release schedule so that fits in if they get another 4-6 boxes and a book.

He also added that there should be a proper Adeptus Mechanicus codex at some point but he didn’t know when. “Three weeks and one book for now…” were his exact words, pretty much.


#WIPWednesday WIP Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

This week I got back on track with the Blood Angels Terminators, working on some blending of the red armour and putting down the base coats for the gold areas and the eyes.

WIP Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

The plan for this week is to try and get these finished, but realistically, I may be tabletop ready by Monday, but I want to add some special details to take these guys to the next level, which might take a little longer.

The Edge Kickstarter

A very cool new Kickstarter from the amazing painting studio Awaken Realms for an immersive new miniature wargaming universe, called The Edge.

The Edge – new miniature universe

Awaken Realms

Come closer and dive into the grim post-apocaliptic steampunk universe – see origins of new adventure and help to forge it.

Ends: Wed, Apr 1 2015Status: Funded

Visit the kickstarter and see the amazingly detailed resin miniatures that are being produced by Awaken Realms and consider pledging to this campaign. I know I will be.