News/Rumours – Leaked images of the new Tau models

Images dropped last night on the Warhammer Tau Blog and then spread like wildfire around the internet of the rumored new Tau models release. This release had originally been rumoured for mid-September, it now appears to be October 10th by the cover of the White Dwarf below, and I’m really looking forward to this.

Leaked White Dwarf  89 - CoverLeaked White Dwarf  89 - BackLeaked November Issue of Warhammer Visions with Tau  Stormsurge on the coverLeaked White Dwarf  89 - Tau Fire WarriorsLeaked White Dwarf  89 - Closeup Tau Fire Warriors and new XV8 Battlesuit in the background

The new massive Riptide variant on the cover of the November Issue of Warhammer Visions called Stormsurge, thought to be Games Workshop’s answer to the amazing Forgeworld R’Varna Battlesuit.

Sporting a huge shoulder mounted Rail weapon (though is you compare the cover of Warhammer Visions to the back of White Dwarf you will see that the shoulder weapon changes, so there will be at least 2 options for this weapon), 4 seeker missiles, a huge main missile pod payload, and a host of secondary smart missile systems, it is sure to bring the pain to your opponent on the table, and increase competition for an already heavily contested Heavy Support slot.

If that was all, we would have been happy, but Games Workshop went the extra mile. Releasing a new design of Firewarrior which are a welcomed improvement, minor alterations to the XV8 battlesuit design (seems to be able to pivot at the waist), and another smaller Riptide variant sporting an Ion Cannon style weapon and Fusion Guns. This smaller variant has been rumored to be a “Stealth” variant, which would be awesome.

With still more than 3 weeks to go until this release hits the shops, I, as I am sure every other Tau player is getting very excited, and are counting the days until it hits the shelves.

Tau KX139 Taunar Supremacy Armour

Not to forget, the Forgeworld Tau titan that went on sale last week at the Forgeworld open day, and will hopefully go on general release in the coming weeks, this is a very good time to be a Tau player.


Alternative GW Miniatures from Wargame Exclusive

I stumbled across this site on twitter and I am very thankful I did. As the title suggests, Wargame Exclusive produce alternative Games Workshop miniatures, primarily female alternatives for miniatures, with a strong Ecchi theme. This includes a number of naked, semi-naked, or suggestive miniatures that might be frowned upon at your local gaming store, but in addition to that there are some fantastic alternatives to main miniatures.

An example would be the Greater good deep strike veteran ranger ‘Big Shas’ which could serve as both an alternative Fireblade Cadre, or painted up as a marble or brass statue to shout out to the world how the Tau can really look bad-ass.


There are also a number of amazing ‘non-Ecchi’ Adepta Sororitas alternatives that look great, units of plague zombies, and even come conversion bits for various miniatures but the most exciting for me are the alternative heads for the Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots.


Personally I picked up a ‘Big Shas’ miniature, from payment to delivery it was 12 days, and the quality was very good. During construction I only found one moldline which was very easy to clean off, and very little in the way of release agent, meaning I could very quickly get into assembly and painting. Check them out if you are in the market for some high quality alternatives.