#WIPWednesday Eldar Crimson Hunter

This week I am working on this Eldar Crimson Hunter, firstly for the flier battle on Friday and secondly as my entry into my local Games Workshop painting competition, the Golden Dragon that has to be entered by next Friday.

Eldar Crimson Hunter WIPEldar Crimson Hunter WIPEldar Crimson Hunter WIP

For this model I am rapidly learning new techniques, such as building a custom flier base, working with electronics, working with florescent paints, and how to paint a nebula. This should be very cool when it is finished.

The rumours proved true, Space Hulk is on its way

For at least the last year, there have been rumours flying around of Games Workshop bringing back it’s fantastic game Space Hulk, the only factor seemed to be, when will it be re-released. As of Friday night those rumours have been validated and Games workshop released a limited run of Space Hulk.

If you have never played it before, you play either a strike force of Blood Angels Terminators or the unending tide of Tyranid Genestealers within the confines of a drifting Space Hulk. As with most of these releases I don’t think it will be long before it is out of stock, especially with this game that has proved very popular in the past.

Update 15/09 – The online Games Workshop store is now sold out and with still another 4 days until it is released, the only chance anyone has of getting a copy will be by coming into stores.

GW Rolling Thunder Game 13/09

This weekend was the lock-in Tank battle game down at my local Games Workshop. For this game they were allowing super heavies but had the prevision that you had to bring a normal codex tank as well just in case no one else brought one. So I brought a Shadowsword and a Hammerhead as my codex tank. Luckily there was 1 other super heavy a Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher, and as a result my Shadowsword was allowed.

Rolling Thunder Turn 2Rilling Thunder Last Turn - Turn 6

This game started out well, to a degree. In this game there were 3 objectives across the battlefield which worked like relics and you could take with you. We had first turn so this meant that by turn 2 we had all 3 objectives and it was a case of letting them come to us, or at least that was the plan.

There are a few other special rules for this game, at either end of the field is an Ork repair station, which when a friendly unit is in it, they can bring back one friendly unit that has died already, and they can come back immediately and shoot on the turn they arrive. Also if you have an objective and you are rammed, that objective is immediately transferred to the vehicle that did the ramming.

Our opponents wisely chose to put all their tanks at the other end of the table, which allowed them to avoid my line of sight. This also had the unfortunate side effect of putting 5 tanks on our Ork player’s tank that had the objective from that end of the table. He very quickly died and kept dying every time we brought him back. Meanwhile they made a great tactical decision of throwing a lure tank close enough to us to tempt us into killing him. His plan was very good apart from one factor that every gamer has experienced at some point, our dice failed us. We reduced it down to 1 hull point, but then over 2 turns we fired everything we had against it, including 2 shots from the Shadowsword Volcano Cannon, all of which failed to kill it.

When it did happen, they immediately brought one back behind the shadowsword, and another next to our mid-table Landraider that held that objective, rammed us both, taking our objectives, and as the counter for the objectives was done at the end of the game turn they took all 3 victory points for holding objectives. Then came an amusing series of events of ramming and counter ramming and doing no damage, even from the thunderblitz table.

At the end of the day, we lost 7 victory points to their 12. A thoroughly fun game, with one lucky shot I was very pleased about from the volcano cannon which allowed us to retake one of the objectives in the last turn, unfortunately it was too little too late. Next week, we have the flier battle Death over Talmar.

A late #miniaturemonday Tau Broadside weapons and weathering is finished

I meant to get these guys finished for #miniaturemonday but alas it was not meant to be. Two months ago I painted these 3 broadsides with the high yield missile pods to a basic table top standard. In the last week I have been working on bringing up the standard of these suits to the same level as the rest of my army and getting the last 2 weapon options painted, the railgun and the plasma guns, as you can see below.

3 Tau Broadsides with Rail Guns, Plasma Guns, and Seeker missiles

#WIPWednesday Working on Broadside Weapon Options

Tomorrow I have a game scheduled down at my local games store, and I wanted to try out my broadsides with the railgun weapon variant, so tonight I am furiously painting to get these to at least a basic tabletop standard, which I will complete over the weekend.

Broadside Railguns WIP

See below my list for the game, I have gone for a less mobile Tau gunline style list with a “Batman” commander, Broadsides, and a hammerhead. This should give me a more balanced list able to deal with both light and heavy armoured targets.