#WIPWednesday Deathstorm Death Company Progress

This week I have been slowly working on the Death Company with another one complete, I only have two more to go.

Deathstorm Death Company Progress

All that remains is to do some OSL effects on the Jump packs, weapons and eyes, then a little weathering and final touches on the bases.

With these guys done I can move onto the Terminators and the Captain which will be a welcome change doing a little bit of red.

#miniaturemonday Death Company Test Marine

This week I was wanting to get something finished for #miniaturemonday, so I thought I would let you see the test Death Company marine that I have been working on recently.

Death Company Test ModelDeath Company Test Model>Death Company Test ModelDeath Company Test Model

Black is one of those colours (shades) which is difficult to make it look right. As you can see in last week’s #WIPWednesday Deathstorm Blood Angels post, I was working on doing some zenithal highlighting and instead of using straight black I would use many shades of grey to achieve a more natural black.