#miniaturemonday 15/12 – Tau Broadsides

For the last few weeks I’ve been getting back into the swing of painting, and fitting this in with my new responsibility of being a dad. I have found that after Joshua was born, hobby activities rightly have been left by the wayside. Now 2 months in I can reliably get about a hour or so in-between feeds which I use to top up on sleep mostly, or if I get a chance, do a little painting to relax.

This Broadside team was one of those relaxing diversions. I magnetised the weapon mounts so that when I get round to painting them, I can easily swap in the alternate Railguns.

Missile Broadside TeamMissile Broadside Team

The next thing on my painting table is a Forgeworld Baracuda, but I’m not deluding myself into thinking I will be getting this finished before the new year. I may put up a few general hobby articles in the next few weeks, possibly covering the Black library advent calendar, and any cool hobby related news.

So In the mean time, Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year when it arrives.

#WIPWednesday 03/12 Tau Broadsides

This week marks the start of a new 1850pts campaign down at my local GW store, and for my list I wanted to have another 3 Broadsides. Well, who wouldn’t… As of last night , you can see my progress on the suits, really all that remains is to paint the bases and finish of the detailing and these guys will be ready to rock, hopefully before the end of the week.

WIP Tau Broadsides

#miniaturemonday 10/11 – VR Leman Russ

This week I finished a Renegade Leman Russ Tank I had been working on for my armies on parade board, that I did not enter.

For this board I was doing a Tau Virtual reality platform with artificial enemies. To represent these enemies I was wanting them to be partially rendered, and to this end I started with a grid structure using fluorescent paint that glows under black light. See the results below.

VR Leman Russ - rendered sideVR Leman Russ - non-rendered sideVR Leman Russ - under black light

Video: A Developer diary of Full Control’s upcoming release Space Hulk: Ascension

This video that was recently released on Full Control’s YouTube page is an inside view of their upcoming release Space Hulk: Ascension. Unlike an expansion, where they might release a few new levels, or new weapons, this release is more like a complete revision while keeping true to the look and feel of the original game.

In this revision, it is more video than tabletop game. They have removed a lot of the randomness from the previous incarnation, like command points, which are now a static bubble of extra points you get if you are near your sergeant.

There is also a dynamic campaign structure, which evolves as you proceed through the space-hulks, which can evolve the ending depending on if you turn left or right, and as a result can despite the removal of the random element leave the game with a high re-playability.

I am keen to see how this game progresses.