Forgeworld Warlord Titan teaser in the Horus Heresy Book 5 video

Today, Forgeworld released a new video for their 5th book in the Horus Heresy series: Tempest

A Storm is Coming

But the internet is a wash with speculation about the last 20 seconds of the video, where it appears to show a new Warlord Titan.

Warlord Titan Teaser ImageWarlord on far left appears to be bigger than the Reaver

My initial impression was that this was a new Knight Titan variant like a combination of a Knight Titan and a Thanatar with the shoulder mounted weapon. Then it was pointed out to me that at 0:58 you can see the shoulder of the new titan, is easily half again bigger than a Reaver titan and as the titan scale image by awaken realms image below shows it could not be a Knight, it has to be something new.

Amazing Awakened Realms Titan Size Comparison

I’m looking forward to this, time to start saving…

The Eldar are coming 18th April

The White Dwarf Daily issue published today contained a video featuring and Eldar Farseer and Rangers, could this be the rumoured Craftworld Eldar supplement/codex that has been making the rounds recently. We’ll all find out, this Saturday 18th April.

Some have criticised Games Workshop for the speed of the release, they are complaining that everything is coming too quickly.

I say thank you, and keep up the good work, we are living in a golden age where Harliquins, and Skitarii actually have a printed codex. A year ago you would have been thought of as mad to have suggested that would happen. Nice one GW!

#WIPWednesday 08/04 Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

A little more work this week on the Blood Angels Terminators. I’ve added some energy effects to the power sword, changed the un-helmeted marines to a dirty blond rather than brown hair, added some details to the purity seals and gems.

WIP Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

I’m still trying to work out if I want to do some freehand designs on the armour, and what osl effects to try. Time will tell in the coming weeks, hopefully with some better pictures.

New 40k Terrain inbound!

The last two days have been a buzz of news and leaks around two new terrain pieces on the way. The Plasma Obliterator, which sounds like its going to be fun to deploy, and the Promethium Relay Pipes, that we have been waiting for since Stronghold Assault was released at the end of 2013.

Then, out of nowhere these details were revealed to retailer accounts.

Via an Anonymous Reader on Spikey Bits

Plasma Obliterator – Terrain $83
Promethium Relay Pipes Terrain $37
Adeptus Mechanicus Onager Dunecrawler $66

Ancient Promethium Pipeline Rumors 8-4-2014

Promethium Pipeline Kit Plastic Kit completed and “on ice”

Targeted for a holiday release

Just over a foot of pipeline, made up of:
– 2 long sections
– 2 short sections
– 2 elbows
– 5 pipeline stands/section connectors
– pipelines are Space Marine height
– long sections are wider in the center than the ends
– elbow sections can be assembled as either horizontal pipeline corners, or vertically, dissapearing into the ground.

Then within a few hours on the Bell of Lost Souls network, leaked images started appearing from next weeks White Dwarf.

White Dwarf Leaked Rules - Plasma ObliteratorWhite Dwarf Leaked Rules - Promethium Relay Pipes

Games Workshop are non-stop with their releases at the moment, and it’s great. Cant wait to see what’s around the next corner.


GW Video Tutorial: How to paint Skitarii Rangers.

My hat is off to games workshop. In the last year they have really stepped up their media and video presence by releasing genuinely useful and free tutorials to help people to paint their models. This week they released a useful tutorial for their new model line the Skitarii Rangers, check it out.