New Teaser Trailer for The Lord Inquisitor

Last night the staff at The Lord Inquisitor studio released the latest teaser trailer they have produced, and it looks epic. When this movie is completed, it is going to be amazing.

On their Facebook post showing us the new trailer they revealed a new production method that they have been working with.

During the last months I have switched the render engine. Instead of V-ray I am now using the not yet released CryEngine Cinebox, a realtime solution for the creation of cinematics. I’m excited to announce that this is a world premiere showing this new teaser, rendered in realtime on one single nvidia GTX 780 ti.

And all the images you’ve seen the last weeks have been rendered in realtime as well – but nobody noticed

This is a great success for The Lord Inquisitor to be a pioneer in this area of film making and it will help the project a lot.

Drum roll please… The next Primarch teaser image.

In yesterdays Forgeworld news flash we were greeted to the silhouette of the next Primarch that they will be releasing.

The Unnamed Primarch

Those of us luckily enough to be at Gamesday this year will have seen this model painted in the stands, and that model was Logar, the Primarch of the Word Bearers. If any one person could hold the lions share of the blame for the Heresy it would be him.

Gamesday UK 2013 - Forgeworld Seminar Primarch Four - Logar

You, lucky reader if you did not have the chance to see the Forgeworld Seminar when this was revealed, click on the link below to view the whole seminar.

And one further thing, unless Forgeworld want to miss the Christmas rush of eager gamers, the last day for US postage is next Wednesday the 11th or next Friday the 13th for Express delivery, so I would hope there should be an announcement before then.

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition trailer number 4

The latest teaser trailer number 4, shows the new rulebook and some of the amazing new artwork, 450 pages of awesomeness. I personally cannot wait to pick up my copy on Saturday morning and delve into the new rules, especially the new flier rules which will make my Ork Bommer that bit more effective. Also if you pause the video at the right moments (1:09, 1:19, 1:25 (Fliers), 1:28 (Allies), 1:29 (Psykers and weapons)) you can even get a glimpse of the new rules.