New Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Narrative Trailer

Today Focus Home Interactive released a new narrative trailer to launch their pre-orders of the game and it looks awesome.

Also until Friday, 29 January 2016, 18:00 GMT they Games Workshop are running their midweek madness sale which is offing 10% off the retail price of this game and upto 90% off some of their other titles, so it is well worth a look.

Video: A Developer diary of Full Control’s upcoming release Space Hulk: Ascension

This video that was recently released on Full Control’s YouTube page is an inside view of their upcoming release Space Hulk: Ascension. Unlike an expansion, where they might release a few new levels, or new weapons, this release is more like a complete revision while keeping true to the look and feel of the original game.

In this revision, it is more video than tabletop game. They have removed a lot of the randomness from the previous incarnation, like command points, which are now a static bubble of extra points you get if you are near your sergeant.

There is also a dynamic campaign structure, which evolves as you proceed through the space-hulks, which can evolve the ending depending on if you turn left or right, and as a result can despite the removal of the random element leave the game with a high re-playability.

I am keen to see how this game progresses.

Amazing Quantum Break

Quantum Break is an Xbox One-exclusive time-travel themed game that was teased at last year’s E3 expo and due to be released in 2015. Many gamers including myself had hoped to learn more about the title at this year’s E3. Just check out this interview from last year, this game looks fantastic.

Unfortunately for us the creators of the game Remedy Entertainment did not feel the game was ready to be displayed, but to whet our appetites, they released this Gameplay teaser at the end of last month.

We hope to see more when the next trailer is released, sometime this coming summer.