Gamesday UK 2013

I just got back from Gamesday in Birmingham, and it was a fantastic event. Even though I didn’t place in the Golden Demon this year it was a fantastic experience, especially as this year I managed to get a trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham fitted in as well. I was lucky to be able to get 3 books signed by Dan Abnett and 1 each signed by Graham McNeill and Nick Kyme.

The Golden Demon and Armies on Parade entries were stunning, I especially loved the Falkirk Games Workshop Armies on parade entry, which consisted of a working waterfall as a central feature for their Tau army, this entry earned a Silver award. The Demon wrecked cityscape which was awesomely constructed and painted, earned itself a well deserved Gold.

Also during the course of the day I attended the the first Forgeworld seminar where the upcoming (mainly Horus Heresy) models were revealed, and they were looking very cool, but as most will say the highlight of the seminar was the revelation of the next 2 Primarch models, Logar, which has a work in progress model on display, and Horus who only had a torso but looked great so far.

Promethean Sun – Review

Promethean Sun Cover Image

At the same time I picked up the new Shadowsun book, I also picked up the “new” Promethean Sun book by Nick Kyme. This book was released a few years ago as one of the Black Library’s limited edition Horus Heresy stories, unfortunately for me it was released before I got back into the hobby so I missed out. Luckily a few years later in June of this year Black Library re-released this. The time difference does have an affect though, because as the book was written before the release of The Primarchs. As I read The Primarchs first I had a sneaking suspicion that the story sounded very familiar.

The sneaking suspicion was proven correct when I found out that the story takes place on a multi environment world with the 3 Primarchs Mortarion, Ferrus Manus, and Vulkan are prosecuting this world in the name of the Emperor from the foul Eldar Xenos (just a note, these links do spoil the plot for this book, if you don’t want to know the big spoilers for these 3 characters in the wider story I would not follow these links). This is the same world one-five-four-four and conflict as depicted in the story “Feat of Iron”, except that, at long last in this story it follows the trials and tribulations of the Primarch Vulcan instead of Ferrus Manus.

Vulcan is one of those characters which I have not been able to find much about, and finally he begins to be fleshed out. While it does not go as far as Isstvan V it is really interesting to hear more about his life as a child and the conflicts which brought him to be the character we know so little about, and how those events impact his actions within this book.

The book itself is 125 page hardback which seems to be the common format for the limited edition releases, Aurelian is in a similar format. I quite enjoyed this story and the ending is is really resonating, it was a very good story, but unfortunately it is not a Fear to Tread or a Know no Fear which were excellent books. It was a thoroughly good read, and I can still hold out hopes for the upcoming Nick Kyme book “Vulcan Lives”.

New Forgeworld models Abaddon and Loken Released

Last year I filmed a shaky video at gamesday from the forgeworld stand of this model, and it is finally available to be picked up by you all for a tasty £55.

Very cool indeed but with the new Daemons codex out this Saturday I think this will have to be left off my shopping list for this month. Definitely next month though, Loken’s model is fantastic.

I’m hoping that another Primarch gets released soon though, there are 18 primarchs involved in the heresy and they’ve just released 1 to date, Angron at Gamesday last year, even if they release 2 a year you may be looking waiting 9 years if you are unfortunate enough to be collecting the last legion to be released. Though I would find it silly if they didn’t release a couple for the Drop Site Massacre Isstvan V.

EPIC Music for the Horus Heresy novel – Fear to Tread

First off Fear to Tread is an awesome book by the author James Swallow where you at last get to see the pre-heresy Blood Angels and the Primarch Sanguinius in action.

In a recent tweet by the author himself, he shared a link to an awesome piece of music composed by one of his fans, listen for yourself.