Joking Hazard Kickstarter by Cyanide And Happiness

From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.

Joking Hazard

Cyanide And Happiness

“If you like Cyanide and Happiness, youu will love this game. It gives you the feeling of being one of the creators without the burden of actually having to be funny yourself.”

– Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity and Secret Hitler.

Ends: Thu, Mar 10 2016 Status: Funded

If you are the sort of person that enjoys rude humour, perhaps you have played Cards against Humanity and thought to yourself “My ability to describe things is rubbish I want pictures to make sure there is no misunderstanding about what I really mean”, perhaps you are just a fan of the comic series.

Visit the kickstarter and consider pledging to this campaign. I know I will be.

War Gamer £5 Challenge!

A new challenge proposed by a #warmonger on Twitter @vidpui.

£5 Wargames Challenge

So what is it:

Just for fun, a challenge to buy a single mini for £5 (or equivalent in local currency, also not to inc postage) or under on Ebay, get it painted, and then sell it on again. Who ever makes the most profit wins!

No prizes on offer, just bragging rights to your peers!

If you want to participate post a picture of the receipt proving that it was bought for less than £5 on the Facebook page and tag progress on twitter using the hashtag #wg5challenge before finally selling it on eBay on a 7 day auction starting at £0.99 and then posting a picture of the final sale value.

My entry is this, a metal Avatar of Khaine, which I bought for £4.40

Avatar of Khaine eBay Auction

So far there are 82 people competing in this challenge and it should be great to see what people can do, especially I want to find out what I can achieve, and what money I can generate for charity.

#Warmongers Assemble, Join the ShellCase Secret Santa.

I love Christmas, it is the best time of year and to make it more festive Phil from @TheShellCase is running a Secret Santa and I think it is a brilliant idea.

What is the #Warmongers Secret Santa?

The idea is a simple one. The #warmongers are a very close and friendly group of people who spend the whole year supporting one another’s hobby so it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do to exchange presents over the Christmas period. Now as there’s something like 300 #warmongers at last count that would make for one expensive Christmas so instead we’re doing a Secret Santa.

What do you have to do?

Just go to the TheShellCase Secret Santa page and sign up before 15th November 2012.

Ever noticed how certain CSS style colours sound like porn star names….

Was reading this tweet and I was amused enough to share it.

If you have ever been designing or coding html pages you will most likely have come across CSS and the color attribute. Now many of us will have been using the hex code for the value, feeling slightly dirty about using the named colour values, like black, red, and white. but now there is even more reason to feel dirty with names like these that sound like the sort of thing which would be associated with providers of specialist gentlemen’s literature.

Alice Blue
Rosy Brown
Burly Wood
Deep Pink
Golden Rod
Pale Golden Rod
Honey Dew
Hot Pink
Misty Rose
Peach Puff
Sandy Brown
Papaya Whip

Final 5th edition Battle report

Last Saturday I had my final game of 5th edition with my brother-in-law Callum as his house. A 1500 point match between Blood Angels and Orks. Due to lack of terrain as you will see we used giant Jenga blocks to represent buildings and a river.

Despite thinking I had packed everything I would need I forgot my Warboss in Mega-Armour and 3 MegaNobs, and Callum did not have all of his Assault marines constructed so he had a couple of counts as. Just for clarity the 3 Tyranid Warriors are my Meganobs, The Warboss represets the warboss in Mega-Armor (not a huge leap of logic I will admit), the 3 warbikers in the pictures are Objectives, the Genestealers are Callums Assault marines and the white base is a Thunderhammer Terminator.

Turn 1: Callum made good use of this turn by firing everything into my trucks and 1 demolisher cannon shot into the group of meganobs. His Furioso Librarian arrived by drop pod (luckily due to their targeters he did not drop into the river or hit the bridge). Despite having a Custom-Force-Field in the Battlewagon offering everything around it a cover-save he destroyed the Bad-Moon Trukk (yellow) and the resulting explosion took out 8 of the 12 boys, and 2 of the meganobs were insta-killed by the blast from the demolisher cannon.

In my turn I moved everything up and fired everything I had including the 2 looted wagon and did nothing, luckily the Deathskulls Trukk (blue) sped up the left hand side, unloaded it’s crew and assaulted the Vindicator, blowing it up and unfortunately killing a few of my boys, luckily despite these casualties none of the depleted squads failed their leadership.

Turn 2-6: A lot happened over these turns but unfortunately I don’t remember the order they happened so I’ll bunch them together. His Furioso Librarian jumped across the river, engaged my Deffkoptas in close combat and killed them all, his Razorback’s lascannon killed both my looted wagons, not a single shot form either of these caused any damage at all the entire game, also the custom force-field did not save anything at all, which is in itself was bad luck, but the worst was still to come, his landraider fired it’s assault cannon at the Battlewagon which would normally not mean anything (front armor 14 and the assault cannon being strength 6 cannot normally harm it, however he managed to get rending on 2 of those shots which turned both shots into penetrating hits, and wrecked it, again no saves from the custom-force-field.

Luckily the crew got out and managed to kill off his tactical squad. The warboss and his 1 remaining meganob managed to go around his rhino and assault the landraider killing it which was a small victory when I had nearly lost all my units achiving it. Meanwhile on the right hand side of the board the 30boy squad made their way across the bridge and assaulted the razorback and immobilized and took away all of it’s weapons, but all this ended up doing was the assault squad within got out and jumped across the board to claim an objective which I couldn’t get to before the end of the game. The 30 boy squad engaged his terminators and captain, in the final 3 turns they managed to kill 1 terminator and ended up being completely wiped out in turn 6 when everything he had left joined the fray. Finally in turn 4 his deep striking assault squad arrived automatically after Callum failing every reserve roll each turn.

Final result: Blood angels win 2-0 and contest the final objective, and bar a squad of gretchen outside the range of his bolters completely wipe me off the table. A very fun game, I just need to get the dice gods working in my favor again for 6th edition released next week.

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition trailer number 4

The latest teaser trailer number 4, shows the new rulebook and some of the amazing new artwork, 450 pages of awesomeness. I personally cannot wait to pick up my copy on Saturday morning and delve into the new rules, especially the new flier rules which will make my Ork Bommer that bit more effective. Also if you pause the video at the right moments (1:09, 1:19, 1:25 (Fliers), 1:28 (Allies), 1:29 (Psykers and weapons)) you can even get a glimpse of the new rules.

Mythbusters Demonstrate the difference between CPU and GPU with paint guns at nvidia

The Mythbusters hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage visited nvidia to demonstrate the difference between CPUs and GPUs in a fun and exciting way using paint guns. See the video below of the experiment. These guys are great at demonstrating topics to the public (while I don’t think it is a completely accurate definition of a GPU and important pieces could be mangled in the message, it is broadly accurate and you can see the similarity between their experiment and reality) in a fun and exciting way.

Click here to visit NVidia for the full video

My Battle Brothers Force for 2012

This is my battle brothers entry painted up at last. The Battle-Brothers Competition was run by my local Games Workshop store in Belfast and consisted of 2 players, each with 1 HQ of their choice and anything you can comvert or make using the contents of a battleforce, no points limit. If your race did not have a battle force, like the Necrons and Grey Knights, they were allowed to choose any 3 box sets in addition to their choice of HQ. For the competition I couldn’t get them painted as well as I would have liked, unfortunately many of them were the bare 3 colour minimum, but after 3 months I have finally painted everything to a standard I am happy with at the moment.

[slickr-flickr set=”72157629423765900″ items=”5″ type=”slideshow” id=”[email protected]″ search=”sets”]

This experience spurred me on to make a presentation table which is currently in the process of being built, when it is finished you will see it here in all its glory. It also gives me some practice with working with city terrain, which will be useful for the battle board I am planning on making.

These photos are also visible in my flickr set Battle-Brothers Entry 2012