Q&A video answers from the F-Secure Lab experts about Online Banking Security

This is really just a re-post of the videos in the F-Secure Forum, but if you have not watched them yet or really have any questions on Online Banking Security then you really should watch these. All of these videos are on F-Secure’s Youtube channel, though to be honest most of the stuff does seem to just be advertising and how to use their software, these videos however are genuinely interesting.

  • Video 1. How do I remember strong passwords

  • Video 2. Are ATM’s Secure?

  • Video 3. Online banking and shopping. Mikko and Sean tell what precautions they take.

  • Video 4. What happens if you get robbed by an online criminal?

  • Video 5. Mikko and Sean’s opinion on various online banks

  • Video 6. Credit card data in recipts

  • Video 7. How Common is online criminality?

  • Video 8. Is is safe to use a smartphone for online banking?

  • Video 9. I get a warning whenever I log onto my online bank…

  • Video 10. A question about the ATM skimmers and iTunes fraud…

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