GW Advent Calendar Day 15 – Stubble and Beards

Warhammer TV is the gift that keeps on giving, loving the tutorials, a new one every day and they are clear and easy to understand, perfect for beginners.

If you liked this check out Lester Bursley’s video on “How to paint Space Marine Faces and Stubble”. It goes more into painting the skin on the model, but interestingly the stubble effect he uses is very simular to the one in the Games Workshop video.

Excellent tutorials – Games Workshop Advent Calendar

I have been following the Games Workshop Advent Calendar recently, and below are 2 more very useful tutorials I wish I had known when I started painting.

First off, we have day 4, the Power & Nemesis Force Weapons tutorial.

For the last few years I have been almost doing this exactly, with the minor change that the initial colour coat and transitions were done with an airbrush. The effect shown in the video is very good and certainly above the standard table top quality.

The second tutorial is the Day 11 – Volcanic base tutorial.

This is another clever painting tutorial, this time focusing on terrain. It is very quick to do and I quite like the resulting effect, I think I might try something similar on my own Chaos sorcerer.

Well look at that I Won!

A few months ago I was listening to the Imperial Truth Podcast when they mentioned a competition on the Talent Lad Studios Facebook Page, and as luck would have it I Won, which is amazing to get a free display board. I received it through the post last week with a little wrangling with customs who charged me an exorbitant fee for bringing it into the country and it being searched, it was perfect. You can see for my Renegade guard below it works very well.

Renegade Guard on the winning Talented Lad Studios display boardDisplay board by Talented Lad StudiosRenegade Guard on the winning Talented Lad Studios display board

It fits in very well with my army and inspires me to do one myself.

#miniaturemonday 15/06 Assassinorum: Execution Force – Assassins

Last weekend I picked up the Assassinorum: Execution Force board game by Games Workshop. After assembling the models quickly and giving them a quick zenithal priming, I challenged my brother to a game.

Execution Force, is a cooperative game where you play 1 of 4 imperial assassins, in the game I played, we each had 2 assassins, and you are playing against the clock, and the game. It was quite fun and as our second turn showed, it can go very quickly wrong for the players.

I was running the Vindicare, and the Culexus assassins and my brother was running the Callidus and Eversor. We decided to split up as to quickly cover as many of the rooms as we could to try and find the control room and teleporter before we were overrun with cultists.

Unfortunately for my brother he attacked and failed to kill a cultist who shot him twice rolling 2 6’s in a row, outright killing Callidus. This was an unlikely situation as Callidus should have easily killed the cultist, and the odds were against the cultist being able to even hit the assassin. At that point, we went from 4 to 3 assassins.

Eventually, we found the temple the ritual was taking place and worked our way to the chaos lord who was the boss enemy for the mission. Luckily I had not used the omega protocols for either of my assassins, so I was able to stun the chaos lord for 2 turns which allowed the Eversor to take a chunk of health away before the Vindicare delivered the fatal shot.

Assassinorum Execution Force - Final battle - Victory

Following the completion of the mission I started work on painting the assassins, and by Monday morning I have 3 complete. I hope to have the last assassin, the Eversor ready for a re-match.

Vindicare, Callidus, and Culexus Assassins

#miniaturemonday Deathstorm Blood Angels Terminators and Captain Karlaen

This weekend I finished the terminators and Captain Karlaen from the Deathstorm boxed set. See below.

Deathstorm Blood Angels First Captain Arenos KarlaenDeathstorm Blood Angels First Captain Arenos KarlaenDeathstorm Blood Angels First Captain Arenos KarlaenDeathstorm Blood Angels TerminatorsDeathstorm Blood Angels TerminatorsDeathstorm Blood Angels Terminators

Next on the schedule will be either starting on the Tyranids to get them finished for a game next week, or make a bit more progress on my ForgeWorld Tau Barracuda I have been neglecting for 6 months.

#WIPWednesday 08/04 Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

A little more work this week on the Blood Angels Terminators. I’ve added some energy effects to the power sword, changed the un-helmeted marines to a dirty blond rather than brown hair, added some details to the purity seals and gems.

WIP Blood Angels Deathstorm Terminators and Captain Karlaen

I’m still trying to work out if I want to do some freehand designs on the armour, and what osl effects to try. Time will tell in the coming weeks, hopefully with some better pictures.