New image slider for the site

I was wanting to display a slideshow if images in my blog posts for battle reports but kept hitting on the problem with most of them that you couldn’t have more than one on the page at the same time so I thought, “How difficult could it be?”. not too bad as it turned out.

I hit one snag when I was checking for the “currentslide” but setting the slide to “.currentslide” so it would only loop to one image and then another issue that seemed to cause the whole thing to just thunder through the images very quickly. In the end with some help from the wonderful people on, I got the problem solved.

The code is very simple and not a jquery plugin as some have suggested I write, but for a first version it works.

Ever noticed how certain CSS style colours sound like porn star names….

Was reading this tweet and I was amused enough to share it.

If you have ever been designing or coding html pages you will most likely have come across CSS and the color attribute. Now many of us will have been using the hex code for the value, feeling slightly dirty about using the named colour values, like black, red, and white. but now there is even more reason to feel dirty with names like these that sound like the sort of thing which would be associated with providers of specialist gentlemen’s literature.

Alice Blue
Rosy Brown
Burly Wood
Deep Pink
Golden Rod
Pale Golden Rod
Honey Dew
Hot Pink
Misty Rose
Peach Puff
Sandy Brown
Papaya Whip