Space Hulk: Deathwing – New Trailer released

It is not for the Blood Angels to hold all the glory. Now it is time for the Dark Angels to delve into the depths of a Space Hulk, in Focus Home Interactive’s new strategy game new Space Hulk: Deathwing.

Personally I think they have made a great choice with the background music which is Walking with a Ghost by Kadebostany, it works so well with the theme in the video.

New Teaser Trailer for The Lord Inquisitor

Last night the staff at The Lord Inquisitor studio released the latest teaser trailer they have produced, and it looks epic. When this movie is completed, it is going to be amazing.

On their Facebook post showing us the new trailer they revealed a new production method that they have been working with.

During the last months I have switched the render engine. Instead of V-ray I am now using the not yet released CryEngine Cinebox, a realtime solution for the creation of cinematics. I’m excited to announce that this is a world premiere showing this new teaser, rendered in realtime on one single nvidia GTX 780 ti.

And all the images you’ve seen the last weeks have been rendered in realtime as well – but nobody noticed

This is a great success for The Lord Inquisitor to be a pioneer in this area of film making and it will help the project a lot.

Matthew from miniwargaming Reviews 7th Edition 40k

Matthew from miniwargaming has just released a few videos on youtube, going over the important changes to the rules. For a quick summary (well, over an hour summary) check them out.

Also, if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of the amazing Munitorum Editions, there is a competition mentioned in the videos, that if you subscribe to the channel (completely free and awesome), or join the miniwargaming vault (not free but awesome still).

Part 1 – Intro

Part 2 – Psychic Phase

Part 3 – Shooting Phase

Part 4 – Assault Phase

Part 5 – Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures

Part 6 – Army Building

Part 7 – Missions

Part 8 – Special Rules

Of things to come…

In the last episode of White Dwarf, it was revealed that there will be a new edition of 40k to be released with some interesting changes on May 24th.

First of all the, there is a change to the Force Organisation Chart, simply now you can create “unbound” armies that can completely ignore it, or standard “Battleforged” lists that still use it, and get bonuses. But I’ll let Jervis Johnson from the Games Workshop design studio, tell you more.

More missions, the new “Malestorm of War”, which uses 36 random mission cards, which can be completed during a game and another one drawn, to create an asynchronous game, which I really like the idea of.

A new allies chart, which will hopefully see the end, or at least limit the scene of Deathstar 40k that, if the podcasts are to believed, are dominating the meta. I will remain sceptical until I see it, as to what impact it actually has on the game.

Then there is the new Psychic phase, which should be familiar to those who have used the Warhammer Fantasy’s magic system.

Finally there is the new kid on the block we were told about in White Dwarf and preview images have been appearing everywhere on the web, Demonology.

Buffy Once More With Feeling

Spoilers - Click here to see the rest of the article
For the past few days this image has been floating around various blogs, social media sites. Certain powers, mainly Possession has also been referenced explicitly in the White Dwarf, so this look legit.

Demonology - Malefic Powers

So what have we learned…

  • Demons are probably going to become a lot more popular, not as the main army but just to summon, especially the Greater Demons.
  • The Primaris Power is 3 Warp Charges, which may be a limiting factor for some armies.

What else, not much. Until more gets released on how psychic powers can be used, something to do with mastery level plus D6, but more will be revealed soon I imagine.

From the rumours the demonology discipline can be accessed by every army except Tyranids, but then we all remember when the Knight Titan and how it was supposed to be able to be used by any army…

I am excited by the new edition and I’ll remain optimistic until more details are revealed.