Tutorial: Building and painting a display base step-by-step by Airbrush and Analog Painting

Airbrush and Analog Painting have recently been publishing a series of tutorials which I would highly recommend you read. This week’s tutorial is Building and painting a display base step-by-step, that as the name suggests, shows you simply how to build a very cool looking, and surprisingly easy to construct, display base.

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Hi again everybody and welcome at yet another step-by-step article. This means that this won’t be a tutorial per say but you can follow the steps or just observe my experience making this display base / plinth.

I began by ordering some Sockelmacher plinths from sceneryworkshop.nl. I heard about the great quality of their product and honestly it would be easy to make these yourself but I’m lazy like that.

A 4x4cm plinth by Sockelmacher

I wanted to create a display base with a little bit of height difference instead of just a flat base. I began by chopping and cutting…

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